Monday, 10 February 2014

Wind Power

Kia Ora!

Today Jenny and I walked to The Warehouse, which is a big store that sells just about everything, kind of like Walmart or K-Mart. She needed to buy shampoo, and it was $8 ! I think I'll wait until my little bit runs out before I get some myself. There's no jaywalking in New Zealand, but cars are supposed to stop for all pedestrians if they are able. Otherwise, it's just a free for all. I got some cool shots of New Zealand trees!
Palm trees are not native to New Zealand, but many people plant them because they grow pretty good here and they look nice in people's yards

I'm obsessed with these ones! They're so cool

This is a Pohutukawa, the New Zealand Christmas Tree. Just before Christmas, these trees will blossom with bright crimson flowers that last through January. They look like this:

Later on, David took Jenny and me up to see the windmills. They were huge! One windmill powers 900 houses. This particular wind farm, called Te Apiti, has 55 of them scattered around. Windmills generate nearly 5% of the country's electricity, but they're becoming more popular. The biggest source of power here is hydroelectricity. 

Here you can see the speed limit signs! 30 km/hr

The weather can change in minute in NZ! It was sunny and warm in town, and once we got up to the windmills it was so cloudy and rainy! We still got a decent view, but didn't get to stay very long. And when we got back home it was nice and sunny again - so weird! Then for dinner we had a traditional lamb roast, Kumaru (a Maori sweet potatoe), corn on the cob, broccoli, and peas. Yum, veggies! We have water with almost every meal, often times flavored with lemon that grows right in their yard. Also, we always have dessert after dinner. I am okay with this. More Jelly Tip ice cream! :)

I'm going to open up a New Zealand bank account tomorrow, and I'm excited to see how it works over here since I'm a teller back home. I'll keep you posted!

Aroha, (Love)

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