Monday, 17 February 2014

Weekend Sun

Kia Ora!

I suppose I should update from an eventful couple of days.

On Saturday I went with Jenny and her classmates to The Square for a Chinese lunch where we stumbled upon a motorcycle show! They were all really excited because they had never seen that kind of stuff before. There were tons of motorcycles, music, and a stunt show!

After the stunt show, Jenny and her friends (my friends too :) ) treated me to lunch at Noodles & Dumplings, since this was my first time! I've eaten Chinese food before, but not in this manner. In China, it's common to get a bunch of dishes and share them in the middle of the table on a Lazy Susan and help yourself to whatever you like. It was very nice of them and it was really fun!
Who knew I would be learning so much about China when I'm in New Zealand!

Sunday was a very hot day. It was about 22°C (72°F) but there was little wind and the sun is really hot here. This is because the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica extends over New Zealand as well. It's really intense! Lots of sunscreen is needed because of the increased UV rays. But of course I needed to take advantage of this sunshine because the weather changes so quickly in Palmy and I'm often reminded how lucky I am to be away from the U.P's Snowpocalypse. Jenny had homework to do, so I spent the day at the Esplanade Gardens! 

There was a free concert in the park, I got some Hokey Pokey ice cream, and walked around the trails. I came across some more really cool trees and all around enjoyed the day in the sunshine. 

Orientation is this week so I will finally be getting back into school work after a TWO month vacation! Hopefully I'm not too rusty :)

NZ Words & Expressions
"We can just chuck those groceries in the boot (trunk)"

"It's rubbish day tomorrow so make sure you bring what you have into the garage"

"It was nice to meet you! I'm sure I'll be seeing you heaps"

"If you get lost, just ring me and I'll come pick you up"

"Today is a good day to go swimming, did you bring your togs? (swim suits)"


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