Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Whole New World

Kia Ora!

We just finished up the last of orientation today. It's been a really fun week! On Wednesday we split up into our Programmes (field of study) and my math major fell under a Bachelor of Science. There are a few math majors here, but it's not too popular. People come from all over the world to study Food Technology, Veterinary Science, Agriculture, Biology/BioChem/MicroBiology, etc. It's cool to be out of the Engineering setting for a while. So, also a Bachelor of Science, is my new friend, Jess The Kiwi. Jess is starting her first year at uni (university, which they say instead of college). Kiwis attend five years of high school and three years of university. Jess is a Psychology (as a Natural Science) major from Wellington and plays hockey! We got on quite well and stuck by each other for the remainder of the week. (I'm trying to write like a New Zealander... it's subtle, but it is different!) We participated in a big team building exercise where we needed to complete a series of challenges to obtain materials to transport water from big barrels at the top of the hill down to our little team buckets at the bottom. For example, 20 hula hoop spins got us a piece of paper, 100 collaborative push-ups got us part of an egg carton, and a completed pun quiz got us a styrofoam cup. And since it was so hot they also had a big slip 'n slide! Everyone was going down in their clothes and I was accidentally wearing my watch and now it doesn't work anymore :( oh well.

Here's me, Jess, and some Rugby players representing my new NZ bank! BNZid

Thursday was moderately uneventful, but today I participated in a Guinness World Record! We had 620 people on campus all bobbing for apples! We were on TV and everything! Go Massey!

If you look closely, you can see me in some of them! I'm wearing a pink tanktop and yellow sunglasses. 

Then we had one last international student BBQ at The Centre. It's amazing all the different people I'm meeting! I absolutely love it. Is it weird if I tell you about them?
  • There's a lady from Indonesia who is 40 years old. She was a high school Biology teacher but now she's getting her Masters in Molecular Biology. She's really friendly and gave me some malted milk balls. 
  • A guy from Mexico with white skin and blonde hair who is studying AgriScience. He worked in the US for a few years and people always comment about how he has very good Spanish, haha. 
  • A girl from Canada who just spent the last month backpacking in Thailand, just living the island life! She's starting her Pre-Vet programme and is getting her whole degree in NZ. 
  • Another girl from Canada who works at the coffee shop who just came here to live and work at a coffee shop! She spent a year doing the same thing in Ireland, just living casually and traveling around. She has a hula-hooping business as well and occasionally performs with LED lights and fire.
  • A guy from Tanzania who is also getting a Masters in AgriScience. He's going to be a professor when he returns home.
  • A guy from Japan studying Business who didn't apply to Massey through a program. He just came on his own to learn better English and for the experience. 
  • A woman from Malaysia studying Microbiology - basically germs, she says. She's researching the different types of microorganisms (like E Coli) living on poultry in NZ and what their effects are.
  • A Chemical Engineer from Brazil and another Engineer from India
It is so interesting! Everyone is so nice. The world is huge. Wah.

♥ Katie

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