Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Far out, mate!

Kia Ora! I have kind of a collage of a post today....

- Rugby is to New Zealand as Football is to America. Cricket is also very big. Right now, the Sevens are being held in Wellington. This is a series of rugby games in which the teams are made up of 7 players instead of the usual 15. The fans are really crazy at these games. They dress up in outrageous costumes in hopes to get featured on TV.

- NZ only has 8 TV channels. People can buy "Sky TV" which is like satellite. The news only comes on once a day at 6:00. Also, there's a station called Maori TV which has different shows that can teach you the language or give the news in Maori perspective. If you're curious:
I've been watching Kōrero Mai.

- Most people in New Zealand enjoy an afternoon tea

- I haven't had a drink here yet and I'm way over the legal age! The drinking age here is 18 and I will be turning 21 in about two weeks. But the 21st birthday is still significant here, as it's their "becoming an adult" age. I guess we're opposites in that topic
Tui is an NZ beer

- Here's some house pictures!
My bedroom

Maori art and cool wallpaper in the front room

A Maori man and pāua shells - these are large, edible sea snails that are considered a delicacy in NZ and the shells are often used for jewelry

- The downtown is centered around The Square. There are lots of shops, a public library, a mall, a pond, and random art.

NZ Words & Expressions:

- top up = to pay your bill

- take away = fast food, take out, to-go

- lolly = refers to candy in general

- I say "thank you" and NZ replies "that's okay" or "no worries"

- "far out!" 

- "hot as", "cheap as", "sweet as" - like when I said "mean as" but they use it on words for emphasis

- The letter 'Z' is pronounced 'Zid'

Whānau - Maori for family (pronounced "fah-no") and this is used in daily language whether people speak Maori or not


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