Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Randomly NZ, because I love lists

Kia Ora

- My American friend, David, was baking cookies only to find that he burnt them to crisps because he didn't realize the oven was in Celcius

- I have officially Tim Tam Slammed. That is when you bite off each end of these beautiful biscuits, dip it into your hot drink, and sip through it like a straw. It becomes so soft and melty and chocolately Mmmmm... When I come home my suitcase is going to be filled with 23 kg of Tim Tams ♥

- The radio plays really old songs and I love it. So far I've heard: Beautiful Girl by Sean Kingston, Laffy Taffy by D4L, and Complicated by Avril Lavigne

- At some grocery stores they make you pay 15 cents per plastic bag, encouraging people to bring in their own reusable bags

- I went a whole day without wearing shoes - school and everything

- I touched an ocean for the first time!!! The Pacific

- The ukulele has been a key prop in my New Zealand experience. I made musical friends and we like to sing together and it makes my heart smile :)

- The cost of living in NZ is a little expensive but this is just random and cruel

- There was a praying mantis in my bathroom......

NZ Slang:

"Chop and change" - Change around
"Gutted" - Really sad or disappointed
"Good on you" -Good for you
"How are you going?" - How are you doing?
"Cheers" - Said all the time: Thanks, You're welcome, Goodbye, Right on
"Have a think" , same goes for have a sleep, chat ....

Mauri tū, mauri ora.
"An active soul is a healthy soul."

Life is beautiful

Haere rā
Go well


p.s. I did the Tongariro Crossing this weekend among many other AMAZING things... So that post will take a little while. I'll hopefully get it up soon after all this homework I have to catch up on ;)

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